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Elgin County Rescues

March 6th, 2011

There are so many animal rescue groups and people in our area.  They are working quietly on their own, without help from large animal protection organizations or municipalities.  They have supporters and helpers.  But they never have enough help or resources to be able to look after all the animals that need their care.  But they do what they can, on a shoestring.

Helping Paws Rescue logoI recently met Teresa Pressey from Helping Paws Rescue in Aylmer.  Like ABCR, Helping Paws doesn’t have a shelter.  Teresa and the other volunteers look after unwanted dogs and cats in foster homes.   They’ve got an open-content Facebook page and are on Petfinder and Adopt  a Pet.   They can always use help with food, money and foster homes.

I don’t know how people like Teresa and her helpers do it, day after day, caring for a seemingly endless line of lovely animals who have been kicked out of their homes or just kicked.  But they do.  As do the people of ABCR, Animal Aide and Pets/Friends for life, just to name those in St. Thomas (links at side).  And the many unknown ‘cat ladies’ who feed and care for feral cats and, when they can, neuter them, find homes for the tameable ones, and continue to look after the wild ones with thanks only from the cats.

These are not rich people with money and spare time to burn.  They are ordinary working people with families.  They have enough to do just for their own survival.  But they care passionately about something larger than themselves.  They are remarkable people.  St. Thomas is looking for nominees to honour for their volunteer work.  All of these people, to my mind, qualify.  Thank you for cleaning up the mess left by other people.


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4 Responses to “Elgin County Rescues”

  1. Carly

    I’ve heard of Brenda Hull’s horse rescue and was interested in contacting her to learn more about the facility and volunteer work. Its not letting me on her website so I’m not able to see her contact info and was hoping someone would be able to email me her email. Thank you- Carly

  2. Dorothy Stewart
  3. Dorothy Stewart

    Hi Carly, I’ve just sent your message on to Brenda and asked her to let me know if her email is working. She’s had to do work on her house lately so I don’t know if her computer is working or not. If I don’t hear back, I’ll reach her somehow.

  4. kevin pollard

    was wondering if u have a contact number for Brenda Hulls rescue farm .Friend of mine was thinking on adoption,thanks

  5. Dorothy Stewart
  6. Dorothy Stewart

    Hi Kevin, Brenda is in the midst of moving and I don’t have current contact info for her. If your friend wants a Standardbred for riding, the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society retrains them for saddle and matches up horse and rider according to the skill levels of both. There’s a lot of Ontario horses of all breeds needing new homes right now! I hope your friend finds one.

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